How to properly expand your hideaway in Escape from Tarkov? In our hideout guide we tell you everything you need to know about hiding in the survival shooter. You will also find out whether the expansion of the Bitcoin farm is worthwhile and how you can best earn EFT Rubles with your Hideout.

Most Important Information About Hideout in Escape from Tarkov

The Hideout is your expandable headquarters in Escape from Tarkov. It is an abandoned air-raid shelter, which you expand with so-called modules, among other things to improve various parameters of your character. In addition, the expansion allows you to craft Escape from Tarkov items such as medication or ammunition. Alternatively, you can improve your hideout to unlock better conditions at retailers or at the flea market as well as additional options for playing as scavs.

You choose from 20 hideout modules, which you can use to expand your hiding place according to your preferences. In order for the modules to work smoothly, you must first install a generator. Each uses a fuel canister to supply your hiding place with energy for 15 hours. As soon as the generator is switched off or if it runs out of gas, you cannot create any objects in hiding and the other bonuses are restricted or completely canceled.

Below we have provided you with an overview of all 20 hideouts in Escape from Tarkov. Get an overview of which extensions are particularly useful for you:

  • Generator – Produces electricity and uses gasoline. With increasing expansion level you get additional slots for fuel canisters.

  • Solar Power – Reduces the energy consumption of the generator by 50 percent.

  • Booze Generator – Allows you to make the Moonshine drink.

  • Water Collector – Improves your hydration regeneration.

  • Security – No active function. Requirement for further shelter modules.

  • Illumination Bring light into your hiding place.

  • Vents – No active function. However, a prerequisite for further shelter modules.

  • heater

  • Heating – Serves the energy regeneration of your character, whereby the hourly regeneration rate increases with increasing expansion level.

  • Air Filtering Unit – Improves the up speed: Physically.

  • Rest space Negative effects are removed faster. Better energy and health regeneration with a higher expansion level.

  • Intelligence Center – Lowers the scav-cooldown timer, brings additional rewards and discounts to the flea market.

  • Library – Returns additional experience points.

  • Bitcoin Farm – Generates virtual bitcoins that you sell at the flea market.

  • Scav Case – Allows you to buy loot boxes for rubles.

  • Shooting Range – Allows testing of new or modified weapons without having to start a raid. In addition, you do not use ammunition.

  • Lavatory – Allows you to craft simple objects (even without electricity).

  • Medstation – Production of first aid items and increasing energy regeneration of your character with increasing expansion level.

  • Nutrition Unit – Production of first aid items and increasing energy, health and hydration regeneration with increasing expansion levels.

  • Stash – Your storage space increases with increasing expansion level.

  • Workbench – Allows you to craft ammunition and modify your weapons.

First Steps In Expanding The Hideout in EFT

After you have set up the basic hideouts mentioned above, you will of course need a shooting range that is relatively cheap and that you can not level up anyway. In the past, you always had to start a raid if you wanted to try out new weapons. Thanks to your own shooting range, you save yourself this annoying procedure. In addition, you do not use ammunition if you shoot around inside the hideout.

Of course, you also have to store your loot somewhere, which is why you should devote yourself as quickly as possible to expanding your stash, the capacity of which increases with increasing level. The warehouse is already fully expanded for owners of the Edge of Darkness version of Escape of Tarkov. If you do not pay-to-win, you should make up for the expansion of the warehouse as soon as possible, so as not to have any disadvantages in the loot shooter.

The warehouse expansion requires the construction of further hideouts, so that you have a plan at hand in which order you further improve the hideout. In addition, you should build a library as soon as possible to get a permanent XP of 15 percent. The earlier you activate this effect in the game, the more you will get from it in the long run.

Farming Bitcoins in Escape from Tarkov: Is It Worth It?

The Bitcoin Farm is one of the most controversial hideout modules in Escape from Tarkov. Because mining only works if you populate the module with a graphics card that costs around 300,000 Escape from Tarkov rubles. With just one graphics card, it takes around 18 hours for your farm to calculate a Bitcoin. In this scenario, you need a good two weeks to recoup the investment costs – not including the gasoline used for the generator.

If you want to expand the small server farm further, you must first bring the generator and fans to level 3, which easily costs you another million in-game rubles. Then you can further increase your hashrate by installing up to 50 graphics cards. The cost of the GPUs is around 15,000,000 EFT rubles, with the mining time only falling a few minutes for each additional graphics card.

To recover the investment costs for a fully developed Bitcoin farm, you need at least one month. Assuming you log in every 15 hours to collect the maximum of three calculated coins that are stored in the Bitcoin farm. In addition, graphics cards should have a limited lifespan in the future, which will further reduce the profitability of the shelter module.

In summary, we advise casual gamers to completely do without the Bitcoin farm in EFT. Alternatively, you use the expensive hardware only at level 1 and with only one graphics card to take a bitcoin with you here and there. For hardcore gamers it is a matter of belief: if you feel like it and have enough capital, it does no harm. After about a month you will be profitable and your hideout will generate a solid residual income. If you want to make money as quickly as possible, then you have better chances when trading at the flea market.

How To Earn EFT Rubles With the Hideout In Escape from Tarkov?

If the basic structure of the hideout is in place, there are various ways to make money with the hideout in Escape from Tarkov. Since the market is very volatile, there is no strategy that you can or should blindly copy. Furthermore, Battlestate Games regularly changes the items that you can create in the crafting modules of your hideout, so that there are always other materials required for manufacturing.

Nevertheless, we will give you some sample examples of how you can earn money with your hideout and which currently work well. This includes the purchase of loot boxes in the scav case. Use primarily the 6,000 EFT rouble option, with which you almost always make a small profit. You will have your stake back when you receive a grenade or something similar.

The 70,000 ruble option can also lead to massive profits if you pull a red keycard or graphics card. If you do not swim in the money, you better leave it alone – you usually do a minus business and valuable EFT items are rare exceptions. It is better to invest your rubles in the water collector, with the help of which you can convert water filters into “Purified Water”. At full expansion, the process takes nine hours and you double or triple the capital invested.

Alternatively, you can make a packet of sugar from two bars of chocolate with the nutrition station. So you can easily take another 50,000 rubles with you – you will find two bars of chocolate on almost every raid. In addition, the production of IFAKs (personal tactical first aid kits) is lucrative, which you sell for around 40,000 rubles. For IFAK production you need medication and bandages, which you either collect or buy at the flea market for around 20,000 rubles.

Be sure to bring your information center (Intelligence Center) to level 3, which will give you a 30 percent discount on the flea market and save a lot of money in the long run.

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